Transform Pain Into Power


Beauty comes from pain.

It is a fundamental truth of life that what keeps mankind pushing forward is pain – pain of loss, fear and failure.

We ALWAYS have a choice to make.

Do we give in and let the world bend us, or do we surrender, regroup and try to impose our will on the world yet again?

Will you become a victor or a victim?

The best way you can transform pain into power is to absorb it. Look at the bigger picture. Shut out your emotional self and turn on your switch of objectivity. Channel the lessons of your failure and start scheming your future plans right away. Move fast in times of tragedy, slow in times of glory. Be restless, but not reckless. Pick your wars and never commit the same mistake twice.

When you become able to turn weakness into strength, you develop a competitive advantage over those who let their emotions get the best out of them.

In my course, the Source Hacker System, I teach my students how they can let go of past trauma and use its pain to transform their identity into something greater – a person who’s able to overcome and manifest anything on demand.

“Transformation without work and pain, without suffering, without a sense of loss is just an illusion of true change.” – Wm. Paul Young

Make the right choice today.


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