The Gift Of Being Misunderstood


If we want to live an extraordinary life, we must do extraordinary things.

Anyone who chooses greatness over mediocrity will naturally explore less traditional paths of life and is bound to be misunderstood by friends, family and peers at some point in their lives.

Opinions of people we value the most is indeed painful, especially if they’re dismissive of our efforts. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Being misunderstood is not a curse – it’s a gift. After all, being misunderstood is the hallmark of all geniuses! Take pride in being different. Your vision cannot be impaired by the blindness of others. We must step up and lead by example, even when no one’s believing us. 

The fruits of your perseverance will pay off tenfold.

“I live in terror of NOT being misunderstood.” – Oscar Wilde

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