The First Step Towards Changing The World Is Loving Yourself


Love has the power to change the world for the better – but if we want to change the world, we ought to love ourselves first.

As it turns out to be, loving yourself is not always such an easy thing to do.

That’s because most of us have been taught since early childhood that love has to be earned. Earned through achievements, hard work and being a certain way.

This is the reason why we often tend to look for love outside of ourselves, rather than finding it within. In truth, just “being” is enough. Not realizing this might have serious consequences. It becomes ever more complicated for us to listen to our basic needs, like expressing our emotions, which have been marginalized and repressed.

The most important you need to know is that you are enough. 

You are a marvelous person who deserves everything, worthy of infinite love, deserving of gratitude, smiles, happiness, harmony, well being, and all the beauty that surrounds you. And above all else, you are deserving and worthy of yourself, of all the love that is stored within you.

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