Speak With A Source Hacker System Graduate


I’ve received many questions about the Source Hacker System.

I tried to answer a few, but there’s many more … so I had an idea:

Introducing Sven — Sven used to be a customer, student, then successful graduate of SHS before we hired him to be our community manager / success agent a few months back.

Not so long ago, he was virtually in the same shoes as you.

Saw an ad. Checked out my webinar. And was on the fence for a while… until he decide to “pull the trigger”, take a leap of faith and invest in himself. Fast forward a few weeks, Sven has gotten major results from the program:

  • Ran a marathon
  • Turned his grades around in University (And graduated this semester with an A- grade average!)
  • Finally feels motivated and energetic

If he hadn’t moved forward back then, he would still be…

  • in a toxic relationship
  • wasting his life playing video games and watching series
  • feeling terrible about his life

Now, you may be at that fork at the road Sven was at.

So I thought what if new students could speak with graduates and ask them whatever they had on their mind… just to ensure this program is really the perfect fit for them. (And if not, that’s cool too — we’re happy to point you in the right direction)

Sven was kind enough to open up his calendar and offer FREE 30m spots to jump on a quick call with him and ask him any questions about the Source Hacker System.

Maybe you’re unsure if it’ll work for you or whether X Y Z is included or not or have questions about how the course works or really anything else on your mind before you commit and go all in.

If so, just click here to book a 30m complimentary call with Sven.

P.S.: like I said, Sven is the head of our support and not a sales guy — so this won’t be a hard pressure sales call in any way, shape or form. It’s simply a free opportunity to ask questions of a successful graduate and see if this is really the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to potentially change your life forever.


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