My 3 Keys For Building Two 7 FIGURE Businesses


I would like to give you some REAL golden nuggets.

Over the years I had the privilege of working with many great businesses while being able to build two 7 figure businesses myself.

So here are my 3 keys to a successful business:

  1. Insane-to-refuse-offer

    An irresistible or an “insane-to-refuse-offer” is what makes the difference between a business that prospers or goes in the red.Example: Say I tell you to go into a castle that has guards, and you get a 100 dollars if you get in.


    Say the same castle, but your loved one is trapped inside and you’ll get a million bucks.

    In an offer this could be a risk reversal: like a refund guarantee.

    Makes sense?

  2. Your inner financial thermostat

    You’ve probably used a thermostat or know how it works.It’s the same with people, and in pretty much all areas of your life.

    You set your baseline to a certain standard, so if you fall below that, you kick into gear and start doing everything you can to get back up.

    However if you go too high, you start indulging, start getting careless and finally, self-sabotage kicks in, because you’re outside your norm.

    You MUST, increase your financial thermostat’s level.

    And finally..

  3. The key to scale fast

    Look, if there’s one thing I found that always skyrocketed my progress, it was finding someone who’s already achieved the results I wanted, and hired that person to “show me the way.”There’s people out there that have the things you’re working on figured out, they know the ins and outs, the dos and the don’ts.

    So if you don’t want to spend months, even years and thousands to millions of dollars on figuring it out yourself, invest into your education and skip the trial and error part.

    That simple.

With that said, I wish you good luck in achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams.

Hope to see you on the inside soon!

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