How This 17 Yr Old Kid From India Manifested $2000 Using The Source Hacker System?


I was so inspired by Piyush’s success story that I asked him to share everything (the good, bad & ugly) about how he’s earned over $2,000 as a 17 year old kid from India by taking full action on the Source Hacker System in a short amount of time. Piyush, take it away 🙂 …

Hey there guys, my name’s Piyush. I’m a 17 year teenager entrepreneur and I want to thank Peter first of all for giving me this opportunity of writing this blog post on his website – my full unabridged story of manifesting over $2000, finding fulfilment and building the right mindset using the Source Hacker System.

I’m really excited to share my Source Hacker story with all of guys, so let’s get started.

Before getting started with my SHS story, I would like to give a little bit of background context so that you can know what my situation was when I joined the program.

Actually, I started making money on the Internet while I was 15 years old, during the time of April 2020, when the whole world was under Covid Pandemic lockdown and all the places were shut down.

It was really fascinating to me – I didn’t know you could make money on the Internet, I made around $100-200 every month working on freelance sites. I was thrilled. Some months, I didn’t make any money. But that didn’t stop me from trying new things.

I saw many videos on YouTube regarding how to make money. I saw that you could start a blog and earn money. I too was interested in this. I had saved some money and I purchased a domain and a hosting. I didn’t really know what I was doing – I started a shoe blog and as fate has it, it failed. Although I can say I didn’t put in the efforts that was required – I wasn’t really passionate about shoes and just followed the herd. It didn’t generated any tangible/intangible results, so I stopped doing it.

I saw this thing within me that I was doing self-sabotage, I didn’t know of this thing until much later when I learnt about the Inner Financial Thermostat in the Source Hacker Program, that’s when I saw major changes happening.

Anyways, after my first business failed, my confidence was shattered. You know, I wasn’t very happy, I just spent my time alone thinking what had gone wrong – coupled with the confusing teenager years. I had a bad time with my family too – I wasn’t very happy and fulfilled, although I kept doing freelancing and never stopped trying things out.

I started my second business, which was a KDP publishing business. Here too, I soon realized that it was a very capital intensive business and you don’t achieve early success until you keep publishing books for years – I couldn’t sustain it as I was just earning $100-200 per month and had small amount of savings in the bank – so, I decided to shut it down. Thankfully, I found a freelancing client who was wiling to buy the book business, and I didn’t have to go through a loss.

Now, for about couple of months, I continued freelancing and started learning about things. I came across this thing called personal development. Honestly, before I thought that self-growth was useless – if you have the tactics, then you can win. But my situation was such that I had to reform myself and go through a period of morphosis.

When I started going down the rabbit hole of self-growth – I was shocked. I was surprised to see that your mindset and your daily habits have so much to do with your success. I explored various topics – from mindset to optimization, food, nutrition, body, soul, and the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

This personal development thing fascinated me. I started reading books, taking courses and watching people talk about their personal development journeys. I even did a workout program and went from fat to fit in just 6 months of time.

Now, I knew personal development was a real thing – I had transformed my body and my eating habits, now it was time for the most important asset in our lives – the brain, mindset. I knew I had to update my beliefs and also use the law of attraction which I had studied for a while. I didn’t exactly know what to do with it – it seemed a powerful concept but I didn’t know how to use it.

It was the time of January 20222, I knew I had to make this year a meaningful one. During the last days of January – I was surfing YouTube and learning some concepts about personal development and the best thing was going to happen next.

I came across Peter Szabo’s free webinar ad where he talked about using the law of attraction the right way and he also shared his story. He went from a broke 11 year old to making a million dollars by the age of 19,Now, this fascinated me – his story instantly clicked with me. I knew I had to learn from this guy. He was young like me and I firmly believed that I could learn a lot from him as he had done it before.

I signed up for his free webinar instantly and he talked about the concept of memories in the law of attraction. Our beliefs, identities, thoughts, actions etc all depend on the memories that we have in our brains. Memories are the things that compel us to think, act and behave in a certain way – that plays a huge role in the Law of Attraction. This concept made complete sense and it was very logical.

Peter had provided a lot of value in his free webinar but he also gave us the option to learn personally from him, in his signature course Source Hacker System. He offered a 30 day money back guarantee and it was a no-brainer for me.

I purchased the program on the 28th of January and started learning it rigorously – I knew this was the thing between having a failure mindset and programming your brain for success.


I must say – the journey was tough – there were times when the critic part of me told to give up. But I pushed through, watched the modules and applied the concepts. I started seeing intangible results – like my moods became a lot better, I was feeling a lot happier although I didn’t know why. I started seeing small synchronicities happening in my life.

One of the things that I did was that I started an animation business along with the Source Hacker program. This business was going to be my guinea pig – to test the principles of the Source Hacker System and see if they really worked or not.

I also interacted with the people in the community and made some awesome friends.

For the first 45 days of joining the program – I didn’t see any tangible results. And to be honest, the critic part of me told to get a refund and be out of this. But I asked myself firmly whether I want to make a change or not or should I keep going from one thing to another without getting any results. And that’s when the winner part of me took charge and told me not to leave these principles until they give out the optimal output – that’s when I’m going to believe in myself completely.

After religiously doing the Quantum Creation Formula (QCF) mediation (the signature meditation of the SHS program), Memory Flipping, Life Map & Life Sheet, being grateful, affirmations, and applying other principles taught in the Source Hacker program, I was able to secure meetings with clients. I didn’t believe myself – business owners were setting up meetings with a teenager like myself. It was really a proud moment for me. And then, was the most beautiful day of this journey – when I got my first client for a sum of $499.

first animation client

I was on the ninth cloud, my joy knew no limits. I shared in the group and all the guys congratulated me. I was very very happy that day. Peter also personally congratulated me – my patience finally paid off. That’s when I realized that success is about having the right mindset and taking massive action in the right direction. There’s also an element of luck/timing and you can use the Law of Attraction and the concepts that Peter talks about in order to get the Universe on your side.

Now, a series of wins followed up. I received an unexpected $250 project on my freelancing profile. This client had been a previous client but we hadn’t talked in over a year. Suddenly, he needs a project and he chooses me.

$250 project

Then, I got another $600 project. This was also completely unexpected – the client invited only me for that job through my profile – this happened to me for the first time. Usually, clients would invite many people but this guy directly hired me – amazing synchronicity.

$600 project

I also got some other small projects and it was one of the golden runs of my life.

small win 1

small win 2

Then, on the 3rd of April, I closed the biggest client for a sum of $650. I used the life-hack techniques on the sales call and this business owner instantly resonated with me. I had increased my financial thermostat and so, I wasn’t afraid of asking for a high price. Instantly paid on the call and I shared this win in the group. Actually, just a few days before this, I had a LPG gas accident at my home and my life was saved fortunately – it could have turned to a big disaster but thankfully, everything was made under control.

biggest win - animation client

So, this was a bounce back moment for me – was really thankful to the Universe for all the good that had happened. Now, this is a very important concept that Peter talks about in the Source Hacker program – to be grateful for all that has happened in your life, to enjoy your journey and not to tie your happiness to a particular goal because there’s definitely something that you can be grateful for in your present. That’s how you create amazing synchronicities in your life – that’s when the Universe will move mountains for you to achieve your goals.

Since then, I have also started learning about entrepreneurship under Peter as he’s an amazing one himself and he is guiding me very well in that direction.

My Source Hacker journey in one word was “Incredible”. Apart from the awesome results, I really enjoyed the Source Hacker Community and the great wisdom of Peter. He answered my questions so amazingly well on the Q&A calls – I love being around intellectuals like Peter as I believe we could learn a lot from them and make a drastic difference in our lives.

Peter has kept his word. If you rigorously apply all the concepts in the Source Hacker program in your life, there’s no doubt that your life would change for the better in a drastic way. It’s just that you need to trust the process and keep doing it diligently until you see results. And if you want to make this permanent, then make the Source Hacker System a part of your life and the trajectory of your life would be totally different.

The QCF Meditation, Memory Flipping. Life Map & Life Sheet, affirmations, sleep hypnosis, performance masterclass, improvement by elimination etc etc, all these are the best concepts that Peter has brought to all of us after spending close to $300k+ on various courses, modalities, books, coaches etc. He has gone down the deep rabbit hole so that you don’t have to. These are the best concepts – these are timeless, and will work for you regardless of your age, gender, location, etc.

You only have one life – don’t make it a mediocre one. Be the best version of yourself through the Source Hacker program. As Peter said, he could have easily retired with the money he made from his ads agency, but he truly wanted to make a difference in our lives. I salute this man as he has put everything on line to achieve his vision and help over a billion people create lives they love.

Provided how dedicated and committed he is, Peter will surely achieve his goal. Now, what are you guys waiting for? This is one of the best, if not the best, personal development programs in the history of humankind. Thousands of people have created major changes in their health, wealth, love and happiness using the principles described in the Source Hacker program. Now, it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and update yourself.

I would love to see more and more people changing their lives through the Source Hacker program.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Once again, it’s my pleasure that Peter provided me with the opportunity to share my journey – uncensored with all of you guys.

Cheers and have a great day!

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