How Daniel Manifested $17K While On Vacation


What is really stopping you from manifesting the life of your dreams?

Is it the people around you?

The “situation in the world right now?”

Or is it the paradigm you have?

One of the things that really sets people apart, is their paradigm.

Generally speaking, there are 2 paradigms.

The victim and the victor.

It’s obvious which one is better.

The main difference is, that victors take responsibility, take action, and eventually manifest the things they desire.

Victims, on the other hand, blame everything on things outside their control.

And if you put the blame on things outside of your control… you lose your power to make changes.

Once Daniel shifted to the victor paradigm, he started manifesting:

So which paradigm do you have?

Are you ready to take action and start manifesting a life you love?

Or will you let go of your power to change?

Let me know.

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