Daydreaming With A Purpose


Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer once said:

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it” 

Most successful people have one thing in common – they all believe in the power of visualization.

Visualizing your future goals not only increases your energy and motivation to take action, it also shifts your identity towards a new version of yourself who already has what it takes to achieve them.

So how can you tap into the power of visualization and enjoy all of its benefits?

We teach this in detail in our Source Hacker System online program, but here’s some advice:

1) Imagine your desired situation with as many details as possible using all your senses – you can see it, smell it, hear it, feel it and taste it. 

2) Do guided meditation.

3) Write affirmations in the present tense. 

Make visualisation a daily habit of yours and fast-track your way to success!

“You are more productive by doing fifteen minutes of visualization than from sixteen hours of hard labor.” Abraham Hicks

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