Choice Of Freedom = Freedom Of Choice


Once a great emperor of the sea asked a little child the following…

“Will you challenge me one day and conquer the seas?” 

To which the kid replied:

“I don’t want to conquer anything – I just want to be the freest man on the sea!”

If our primary choice is freedom and our purpose is true joy, the result of our life will be limitless expansion.

Whenever you’re facing a rough time, just remember – you can always choose to be free. The greatest freedom we can have is the freedom to decide what to focus on.

Will you focus on the setbacks of life or the opportunities they provide? We often get caught up in our troubles, longing for something better – but change doesn’t come from a ‘want’, it comes from ‘becoming’ it.

And you have the freedom to become that change.

If you want to choose the freedom to be great, come join +2000 Source Hackers on their incredible journey.

“Freedom is a state of mind.”


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