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You need more than just Facebook Ads to scale profitably with consistency and predictability.
8-Figure Management

What would happen to your ad campaigns if Peter and his media buying team that has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in new revenue took over? If you want to get to 7-8 figures, hire someone who's been there, done that.

The Expansion Engine

After having examined 100s of businesses, it became vividly clear what was the difference between winners and losers: and it certainly wasn't just a Facebook Ad or a Funnel. That's why I developed the Expansion Engine: to turn any business into a wildly profitable and scalable one – at will – by upgrading the business as a whole, interconnected system, instead of just working on the ads or funnels alone.

Millionaire Mentorship

Get direct access to a 2 comma club member who's overseen 30,000+ campaigns, generated tens of millions for his clients and get custom-tailored actionable insights for your specific business, instead of just drowning in a sea of random information that may not even be relevant to you.


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Peter Szabo built the #1 largest Facebook Ad Agency in Central and Eastern Europe.

After having worked with hundreds of clients – from starts ups to 9-figure giants – over the last decade, Peter had the great, amazing privilege to spot patterns between businesses that were doing OK and companies that were absolutely crushing it.

And the difference wasn’t their ads, nor their funnels. It was in viewing the business as an interconnected system, rather than just it’s parts. And by upgrading the business as a whole, the ads simply fell into place and became wildly profitable and scalable as a by-product of fixing the business itself.

Peter developed and perfected this system that later became known as The Expansion Engine™. It’s Szabo’s #1 secret weapon that has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in new revenue generated. With this process, virtually any e-com or expert brand can profitably scale to 7-8 figures and beyond with consistency and predictability – and do so at will.

Thanks to amazing results The Expansion Engine let him create, Peter quickly became a Two Comma Club member and a 7-figure agency owner. Peter Szabo was also named “one of the most sought after Facebook Ad experts” by The Huffing Post and Inc Magazine. Entrepreneur.com called him a “Digital marketing star” while Forbes gave him the title of a “Facebook advertising guru”.


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